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05-11-09 Minutes


May 11, 2009




            The Waterfront Commission held a regular meeting on this date at the Town Dock meeting room.  Members present were Sandy Grimes, Chairman; Arthur Medeiros; Ethan Grimes, Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Hayes Houlihan; Bill Robinson and Mike Grimshaw. Randy Minor was absent.  Larry Sullivan, Town Engineer was also present.


Chairman Grimes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Previous minutes

Mr. Robinson made a motion to approve the minutes of the April meeting as presented.  Mr. Medeiros seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.


Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Robinson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as read.  The balance in the WFC account is $404.48.  Mr. Medeiros seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.



Old Business


Dock Area housekeeping – Mr. Medeiros reported that all is ongoing. Cleanup is planned for June.


Maintenance items –Ongoing, Mr. Medeiros reported that repairs to the icemaker are coming along well.


Donahue Park – Mr. Sullivan had provided for the members a project update and was present to discuss further.  He referred to the meeting set up by the First Selectman which included all interested parties within the Town.  Several residents were unhappy with the current status and condition of the Park.  Mr. Sullivan reported that Cherenzia Excavation has been awarded the contract to install a new ten foot wide concrete walkway and railing system along the eastern side of the park.  The plan for completion is the end of June 2009.  A landscape architect has also been retained to prepare landscaping plans for the final stage of the park project.  Residents have voiced issues with this and the First Selectman is planning additional meetings.  Landscaping is planned for Fall 2009.


South Pier extension and rehabilitation – Mr. Sullivan provided the following:


South Pier Extension

The Town currently holds a State of Connecticut STEAP (Small Town Economic Assistance Program) grant that pays for the design and engineering for the extension of the south pier at the Town dock. This grant was awarded in 2005

In order to fulfill the grant obligation the Town currently has out a request for qualifications to find an engineering consultant firm to design the extension and prepare construction bid documents for future use.

Presently the Town does not have any funds for the actual construction of the extension and does not anticipate receiving any in the near future. The Town is simply having the design and bid documents prepared to fulfill the grant obligation.


South Pier Rehabilitation

The Town currently holds a federal EDI (Economic Development Initiative) grant that is slated for the design, remediation and infrastructure work to support the extension of the south pier. The grant is for $346,000

Based on the rapidly declining structural integrity of the existing south pier, utilizing this grant to pay for the pier extension would be likened to building a house on top of a crumbling foundation

The Town had been given permission to utilize this grant money to pay for construction work related to the structural stabilization of the existing south pier

In order to begin the structural rehabilitation of the pier the Town hired a survey firm to perform a full survey of the entire dock property and hired a geotechnical engineer to perform a subsurface investigation of the pier in order recommend suggested methods of repair

The Town also hired a consultant to prepare and submit a CTDEP Certificate of Permission application for the rehabilitation work

The Town is currently soliciting proposals from three engineering consulting firms to prepare plans and specifications for construction bids in order to repair the existing pier

The south pier rehabilitation work is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2009, which, according to Art Medeiros of SNEFLA, would be the time when the fleet would be the least impacted by the construction operations


George Sylvestre, Director of Administrative Services also provided his March status report for the South Pier Extension.



Underground Storage Tank- Mr. Sullivan reported that the underground and above ground piping associated with the 20,000 gallon diesel fuel storage tank at the Town Dock is not in accordance with CT DEP regulations and must be replaced.  He indicated there are three different project areas and hopes to have work done in August of 2009.


Members received copies of an email from Edward Dear, Treasurer, SSBA to Director of Public Works Joe Bragaw regarding placement of the old chain link fence at the SSBA.  He was checking if there were any special requirements prior to installation of the new fencing later this month.  Mr. Sullivan stated he would check with Mr. Bragaw.


The secretary also received copies of the SSBA Financial report, current rules and regulations, member list and current certificate of insurance.


Mrs. Hayes-Houlihan reported at this time that the Stonington Small Business Association is planning a street fair July 25, 2009.


Members discussed the dangers of the Sailing Club at Stonington Harbor Yacht Club using the channel.  Mrs. Hayes-Houlihan stated that she will forward this information and Mr. Grimshaw added that he would speak to the person in charge.


There being no further business to come before the Commission, Mr. Robinson made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Medeiros seconded the motion and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 7:47 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Ethan Grimes

                                                                        Acting Vice Chair/Treasurer