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Minutes 10/11/06
The Stonington Board of Selectmen held a regular meeting on this date at 7:00pm at the Stonington Police Station. Present were First Selectman William S. Brown and Selectman Peter L. Balestracci. Absent was Selectman Stephen Bessette. Also present were members of the public and the press.

(1)     Call to Order
           Mr. Brown called the meeting to order at 7:00pm and the Pledge of allegiance was recited.

(2)     Comments from the Public
          Gail Shea questioned what is the next step with regard to the statement of concerns she presented to the Board at the 9/27/06 Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Mr. Brown noted that the Town Attorney is reviewing the comments and he, along with the Planning Director and P&Z Chairman would be sitting down to review the issues.
        Ed Hart, Stonington, asked that Mr. Brown look into the High School’s fee schedule for use of its facilities. He feels it is high. Vinny Faulise, Pawcatuck, strongly recommended that the fees be waived when West Broad Street School holds fundraising events.
        Bill Sternberg, Stonington, addressed the Board with regard to the confirmation of appointments to the Permanent Committee to Study the Needs and Use of Town Public Buildings, Including Town Hall Facilities. He referred to the FOI complaint that has been filed in Hartford and felt the Board should not be going forward with the ratification of names. He encouraged them to revisit the language of the petition that had been presented to them.
        David Christina, Stonington, also spoke to the same issue. He asked that the Board revisit the concept of this Committee and consider honoring the requests listed in the recent petition submitted with regard to the size/makeup and charter of the committee. He was concerned that Mr. Balestracci was unaware of the pending case before the FOI Commission in Hartford.
        Brian Chesborough, Stonington, noted that the FOI Complaint speaks to the “Board” of Selectmen which includes all three members. He, along with other members of the public were concerned that neither Mr. Balestracci nor Mr. Bessette were aware the FOI Complaint.
          Mr. Brown responded that the proper channels had been followed. He is in charge of the day to day Town operations and this falls within that realm. He had contacted the Town Attorney who was reviewing the Complaint.
        Dory Clay, Stonington, expressed the same concerns as Mr. Chesborough.
        John Prue, Pawcatuck, questioned Mr. Brown’s responsibility to his constituency.
        Mark Tebbets, Pawcatuck, again addressed the Board regarding issues with the Planning and Zoning Commission and staff.
        Todd Gestrich, Pawcatuck, asked if appointments were going to be made to the Planning and Zoning Commission at tonight’s meeting. Mr. Brown commented that the appointments will be made at an upcoming meeting. The topic will appear on the agenda under “Appointments Boards and Commissions”.  

3)       Permit Fee Waiver for West Broad Street School
Mr. Brown read a memo dated 9/29/06 from Frank Connolly, Business Director BOE, requesting a waiver of the building permit fee for the installation of the insulated chimney liner at West Broad Street School. A motion was made by Mr. Balestracci, seconded by Mr. Brown and unanimously voted to waive this permit fee.

(4)     Ratify and confirm the appointments of Charles Ballato, George Brennan, John Gomes, Stephen Singer and Steven Small to the Permanent Committee to Study the Needs and use of Town Public Buildings, Including Town Hall Facilities.
        Mr. Brown chose to table this item until his colleagues get to review the material more closely.

(5)     Bid Awards/Letters of Agreement
                       a. Highway Department: Truck Bodies
        Mr. Brown read a memo from William Stewart, Highway Supervisor recommending that the Board of Selectmen award the higher bid as approved by the Board of Finance, for one 8 foot truck body and a 9 foot power angle snow plow and a 10 foot all season dumptruck body. A motion was made by Mr. Balestracci, seconded by Mr. Brown and unanimously voted to award the bid to W.H. Rose, Inc.

(6)     Correspondence
           Mr. Brown read a memo from Ken Hartline, Commander Post 1265,
Harley P. Chase VFW Post 1265 requesting permission to conduct poppy sale days in our community on November 3 and November 4, 2006.
A motion was made by Mr. Balestracci, seconded by Mr. Brown and unanimously voted to grant permission to hold the poppy sale days.

(7)     Re/Appointments Boards and Commissions
                a. K-12 School Building Committee
Mr. Brown read a letter from Deanne Beverly asking to be considered for appointment to the K-12 School Building Committee. A motion was made by Mr. Balestracci, seconded by Mr. Brown and unanimously voted to appoint Deanne Beverly to the K-12 School Building Committee.

(8)     Old Business - None

(9)     New Business
        a. Consider and act on Resolution for Town Dock Electrical Improvement Project.
        Mr. Brown read a memo from Jason Vincent, Planning Director, requesting that the Board adopt a resolution to authorize the first selectman to apply for the Urban Act funds, and then to enter into an agreement to accept those funds upon the issuance of the grant award.
        A motion was made by Mr. Balestracci, seconded by Mr. Brown and unanimously voted to adopt the following Resolution:
        WHEREAS, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-263m(a)through(h) the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development is authorized to tend financial assistance for economic development projects;and
        WHEREAS, it is desirable and in the public interest that the Town of Stonington make an application to the Ste for $100,000 in order to undertake the Town Dock Electrical Improvement Project at 1 High St.,Stonington, and to execute an Assistance Agreement.


1.      That it is cognizant of the conditions and prerequisites for the State assistance imposed by CGS Section 12-263m (a) through (h).
2.      That the filing of an application for State financial assistance by the Town of Stonington in an amount not to exceed $100,000 is hereby approved and that the First Selectman, William S. Brown is directed to execute any amendments, recisions, and revisions thereto, and to act as the authorized representative of the Town of Stonington.

Mr. Balestracci commented it was a wise decision that the Board postpone the decision to ratify the appointments to the Permanent Committee to Study Town Buildings. He recommended an Executive Session to discuss the FOI pending complaint, as well as the Planning and Zoning issues that were brought before the Board at the 9/27/06.

(10)    Adjourn
There being no further business to come before the Board,
The regular meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Ramey
Recording Secretary