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01-08-07 Minutes
A special meeting of the K-12 School Building Committee was held on January 8, 2007, in Room 101A of the Stonington High School.

Present:  Deane Beverly, John Bolduc, William Brown, Mike McKee, Joann Rodriguez, and Paul Sartor.  Peter Manning, Gilbane Building Company.

Absent:  Gail MacDonald, Kathy Sanford, and Curt Krushinsky, Fletcher Thompson.  

(1)  Call to Order/Approval of Minutes
        Paul Sartor, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m., and reviewed minutes from the meeting held on December 11, 2006.  Under approval of minutes John O’Neil was corrected to John O’Brien.  A motion was made by John O’Brien, seconded by William Brown, and it was voted to approve the minutes as corrected.

(2)  Correspondence
        Discussion on January 3, 2007, letter from Glenn Frishman, Chairman, Board of Finance to William Brown, First Selectman concerning the Town’s bond rating.

(3)  Gilbane Report
        Certificate of Occupancy
Remaining issues impacting the final Certificate of Occupancy are those raised by the Town Engineer on the Detention Basin.  DiCesare Bentley will submit a plan for re-working the pond to Joe Bragaw.  Gilbane Building Company will price this with Fleet upon receipt.

Massey completed some outstanding items over the holiday break.  All other trades completed the final punchlist items with the exception of several open items on the electrical and mechanical punchlists.  Ferguson responded to the open items and Gilbane will review.  There is $100,000 in retainage until this work is complete.  Gilbane Building Company to assess dollar values to the open items and deduct from the contract if Ferguson does not mobilize to make the corrections.

Cost Report
        Additional costs are reflected in the potential column that are not yet authorized which if approved will reduce the Owner Contingency further by an amount of $63,437.  Items include several Ferguson Electric changes, additional funds set aside for the work on the Detention Pond, the cost of a change to Shepard Steel for steel threshold at the roll-up door in the Set Workshop and the cost of the ceiling in Room 111.  The variance is at $29,319 and represents cost projections under the referendum funds available (adjusted for the Shelter Change).  This excludes the additional $30,000 held in reserve until final closeout is accomplished.  There is a projected savings of $59,315 on the project.

(4)  Flectcher Thompson Report
        No report.

(5)  Invoices
Silktown Roofing submitted an invoice for $57,902.49.  Payment is deferred until a warranty is received.  

 (6) Elementary School Study
        No report.

(7) Subcommittee Reports
Mike McKee distributed a memo regarding update of work performed during Christmas vacation.  Additional request for work to be performed:
1.      Band/Choral Room - projector/screen $3,624.
2.      Cafeteria Annex/Commons - sound projector/screen $4,145.
3.      Cafeteria - Projector/Screen $4,000.

William Brown made a motion, seconded by John O’Brien, and it was voted to allocate $25,000 to air condition the fitness room, athletic director’s room and training room and $12,000 to install projectors and screens in the band room/choral room, cafeteria annex/commons and cafeteria.  Price is approximately total $37,000, and contingent upon design specification by Fletcher Thompson.

John O’Brien made a motion, seconded by Joanne Rodriquez, and it was voted to complete the work on the ceiling in Room 111 contingent upon Gilbane Building Company receiving/approving subcontractor quote for an amount not to exceed $5,300.   

(8)  Selectman’s Meeting/Special Appropriation
        Mr. Sartor and possibly other members of the Committee will attend the Board of Selectman meeting on January 10, 2007, 7 p.m., at the Stonington Police Station to request a special appropriation of $30,000 for a study to develop options for improvements to the elementary and middle schools.

(9)  Public Comment

(10)  Next Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting of the K-12 School Building Committee will be February 12, 2007.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

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Maureen L. Carboni, Recorder                                   Paul Sartor, Chairman