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09-11-06 Minutes
The K-12 School Building Committee held a regular meeting on September 11, 2006 in the cafeteria of the Stonington High School.  

Present:  John Bolduc, Gail MacDonald, Mike McKee, John O’Brien, Kathy Sanford, and Paul Sartor.  Peter Manning, Gilbane Building Company and Curt Krushinsky, Fletcher Thompson.

(1)  Call to Order/Approval of Minutes
Mr. Paul Sartor, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.  A motion was properly made by John Bolduc, seconded by John O’Brien and it was voted to approve the minutes of August 14, 2006.

(2)  Correspondence
        No correspondence for the Committee.

(3)  Gilbane Building Company Report
        Phase 3 Occupancy - The last direction on the Detention Basin was to install the temporary standpipe until a permanent solution can be reached.  Bob Russo, soil scientist, has been contacted regarding using different coagulants.  It remains an open issue, and the permanent COO is on hold.  The additional dollars are not reflected in the cost report.  

Temporary drive in the back of the building has remained at the request of the Stonington High School maintenance staff and Kevin Burns.  Peter Manning suggested bollards and a chain to restrict traffic.  The Committee concurred.

Punch List - All but three trees have been replaced.  Ferguson Electric punch list remains unfinished.  It may be taken out of the $100,000 in retainage.  

Cost Report - There has been little activity.  The additional work on the detention pond is not reflected, and $30,000 is being held in contingency.  

Boys/Girls Doors in Locker Room - Work to be done over Christmas break.  Additional appropriation of $2,000 requested for Boys Door in Locker Room.  Budget for Girls doors in Locker Room okay.  Items to add into Cost Report: $8,000 Boys Locker, $6,500 Intercom, and $2,000 for Security Cameras.

(4)  Invoices
        Gail MacDonald made a motion to approve five invoices at $75 from Eagle Leasing totaling $375 and $450 from TRI-S Environmental Services totaling $825.  Kathy Sanford seconded the motion and it was so voted.

(5)  Fletcher Thompson Report   
        The Committee discussed at length the elementary school options for West Vine, Deans Mill, and West Broad Street schools.  Gail MacDonald made a motion to ask the Board of Selectman to set in motion the process to amend Stonington High School bond documents to allow the K-12 School Building Committee to spend up to $50,000 of unexpended funds toward pre-referendum services for the elementary and middle school study.  John Bolduc seconded the motion and it was so voted.  Clint Kennedy, Technology Director, will be invited to the next Building Committee meeting.  Configuration of classrooms and square footage requirements were questioned.  The state’s direction is moving toward more pre-K.  Efforts will be made to obtain specifications from the Groton School System.

(6)  Next Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting of the K-12 School Building Committee will be October 10, 2006.  There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

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Maureen L. Carboni, Recorder                                   Paul Sartor, Chairman