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10-10-06 Minutes

The K-12 School Building Committee held a regular meeting on October 10, 2006, in Room 101A of the Stonington High School.

Present:  William Brown, Gail MacDonald, Mike McKee, John O’Brien, Kathy Sanford, and Paul Sartor.  Also present, Clint Kennedy, Technology Director, Curt Krushinsky, Fletcher Thompson and Peter  Manning, Gilbane Building Company.

(1)  Call to Order/Approval of Minutes
Mr. Paul Sartor, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  A motion was properly made by William Brown, seconded by John O’Brien, and it was voted to approve minutes of the meeting held on September 11, 2006.

(2)  Correspondence
        No correspondence for the Committee.

(3)  Gilbane Building Company Report
Peter Manning distributed the initial study and vision report pertaining to the Town of Groton Kolnaski Elementary School.  L-shaped floor plans were discussed.  

Phase 3 Occupancy - The only remaining item is the Detention Basin which is impacting issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.  Fleet has reinstalled the standpipe. Joe Bragaw and Bob Russo have discussed permanent solutions to the Detention Basin. Peter Manning requested a sample to determine what is suspended in the water. William Brown will follow-up.

Boulders have been placed at the temporary drive and if equipped with eyelets a chain could be installed.  William Brown will follow-up.

Punch List - Peter Manning talked with Ferguson on open items.  All other trades have completed final punch list items.

Cost Report - The acoustical panels for the boy’s locker room door have been incorporated into cost report.  Without the $30,000 (reserve) the variance is at $125,892.  Peter Manning talked with Rick Norrie with Aer-Con regarding the air conditioning system.  He recommended a split system.  The Committee discussed going to bid for the project.  A motion was properly made by Gail MacDonald, seconded by William Brown, and it was voted to authorize the preparation of a bid package to complete the air conditioning.  Fletcher Thompson will perform the work at an hourly rate.  The target for completion is June 2007.

(4)  Elementary/Middle School Technology Considerations
Clint Kennedy, Technology Director, provided an overview of general considerations for technology infrastructure at the elementary and middle schools.  He discussed each of the following items identified:  Multimedia Projector, Data Closets, Wiring, Wireless, Printing, A/V Distribution, Teacher Workstation, and Smartboards.  Mr. Kennedy acknowledged that technology is moving into the direction of every student having a digital device in the future, and there will be a need to accommodate this technology. He a
The Committee questioned what is needed to make the technology work in the existing schools and incorporating wiring with mechanical system upgrades if renovations are decided upon.   Mr. Kennedy felt the technology upgrading is possible in the existing schools.  Technology upgrades must be an integral part of any plans going forward.  

(5)  Invoices
A motion was properly made by William Brown, seconded by John O’Brien and it was voted to pay Automated Building Services $2,800 for work on emergency lighting and outside lights contingent upon approval by John Bolduc.   

(6)  Elementary School Study
Paul Sartor did some groundwork, looking at the Mystic district office.  One option may be to move Administration and sell the property.  The Committee discussed this option at length, swing space, and additions to other schools.  West Broad Street School has many positives, while major renovations at Deans Mill School would be difficult to do while school is in session.  Another option may be to put an addition on West Vine and construct four more classrooms at the Pawcatuck Middle School.  It is important to determine where the largest growth exists.  Paul Sartor stated the Committee must be detailed and concise with these plans.  

Paul Sartor suggested developing these conceptual options discussed by the Committee, and obtain costs to formulate a plan.  Curt Kurchinsky will bring floor plans to the next meeting.  Paul Sartor will write a letter to the Board of Selectman requesting that the K-12 School Building Committee be authorized to spend up to $50,000 of unexpended funds toward pre-referendum services as voted by the Committee on September 11, 2006.  It will then be forward to the Board of Finance.  The Committee should receive an answer by its next meeting.

(7)  Next Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting of the K-12 School Building Committee will be November 13, 2006.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

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Maureen L. Carboni, Recorder                                     Paul Sartor, Chairman