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01-03-07 Minutes
January 3, 2007

        The Board of Finance held a special meeting on this date at the Police Station meeting room.  Members present were Glenn Frishman, Chairman; Andrew Rines, Secretary; Dudley Wheeler; Bryan Bentz; John O’Brien and Kevin Burns.  Also present Maryanna Stevens, Director of Finance.

Mr. Frishman called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Previous minutes
Mr. Wheeler made a motion to approve the minutes of the December meeting as presented.  Mr. O’Brien seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.

Budget transfers – E911
Captain Jerry Desmond was not yet present so this item was postponed.

Memorandum received from Town Attorney regarding Public Records and the Freedom of Information Act.  It has been determined that Email and Voice mails are included in the public records that need to be retained for periods of time.  This correspondence was provided to all Town of Stonington Elected Officials, Employees and Boards and Agencies.  

Correspondence received from Christopher Clarkin, Mystic River Ambulance Association president regarding FY 2007-2008.  Mrs. Stevens informed the Board that she contacted Mr. Clarkin and told him he could contact Mr. Wheeler to discuss his budget requests but that his attendance at the Public Hearing would be best course.  

2005 Supplemental Motor Vehicle totals received from Marsha Standish, Assessor.  

Budget transfers – E911
Captain Jerry Desmond and Jason Jones, IT Director were present to discuss the quotes requested by the Board of Finance at the December 2006 meeting regarding the transfer of funds from the Enhanced 911 subsidy award from the Department of Public Safety.  Two quotes were provided for the purchase of the MDT’s and one quote regarding the new building security system.  Mr. Jones stated that there is a higher standardization for the MDT’s, better brackets for positioning and they have a limited life span due to the daily abuse they take.  Mr. Wheeler stated that he would prefer to see the Base Station radio upgraded at the police station.  Mr. Burns asked if there were funds available in CIP line item New Police Vehicles to cover MDT’s for a least a couple of cars.  Captain Desmond and Mr. Jones stated that bringing all the units up to date at once would make the future assessment easier.
Mr. Frishman asked Captain Desmond and Mr. Jones to contact Chief Ken Richards regarding the radio at the police station and provide the Board quotes for an upgrade.
Mr. Rines made a motion to approve a budget transfer of $32,920 from the Dispatchers’ salary line to the equipment line for the purchase of 8 Mobile Data Terminals for the cruisers. Mr. Frishman seconded the motion and it was passed with two abstentions by Mr. Burns and Mr. Wheeler.

Correspondence cont.
Letter from First Selectman Bill Brown endorsing a proposal to obtain a full-time benefited Recreation Director through a restructuring of the roles and responsibilities of existing Human Services personnel.  Mr. Michael Crowley of the Recreation Commission was present to support the proposal and the decision of the internal candidate identified for the position.  Mr. Bentz felt that upgrading the Recreation Director to full time wouldn’t be a good idea; the other members felt this was a better solution than put before the Board at the last budget process.

Members were forwarded a fax sent to the First Selectman from Paul Sartor suggesting a schedule of the allowable Town Debt service.

Director of Finance
Nothing to report.

Subcommittee reports
Mr. O’Brien reported that there was roughly $70,000 remaining in the funds for the High School project which should cover the additional jobs.  He added that things can hopefully be wrapped up in 1 to 2 months.  Mrs. Stevens added that there are just a few contracts still out.

WPCA - Members briefly discussed the plan for the upgrade to the Mystic plant.

There being no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Wheeler made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Burns seconded the motion and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Andrew W. Rines