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03-14-07 Minutes
March 14, 2007
            The Board of Finance held a special meeting on this date at the Wequetequock Fire Department.  Members present were Glenn Frishman, Chairman; Andrew Rines, Secretary; Dudley Wheeler; John O’Brien; Bryan Bentz and Kevin Burns.  Also present Maryanna Stevens, Director of Finance, George Sylvestre, Director of Administrative Services and William Brown, First Selectman.
Mr. Frishman called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
Budget Deliberations

Mr. Sylvestre was present to explain the revised actuarial numbers from the GASB 45 presentation on Monday.  The Over 65 employees had been calculated incorrectly.  He added that the ARC is $651,900; this figure includes what’s already being funded for retirees. This figure is much greater than the actual net impact to the budget.  Members discussed the necessity of preparing for the compliance year of 08-09.  Mr. O’Brien did not feel it necessary to impact the 07-08 budget.  All other members agreed to add a line of $200,000 to lessen the impact. 

Mr. Frishman asked the members what there targeted mil increase was for tonight.  Most members agreed to a .09 mil increase or lower.  Mr. Burns and Mr. Bentz were hoping for a .750 or lower.  Mr. Frishman suggested starting with Capital Improvements.  First Selectman Brown offered the following reductions:  Lantern Hill Bridge replacement; Realignment of Cove Road; Town Hall Cupola; Recreation complex restrooms, these items totaled $231,500.  Members also agreed to cut the following: 40,000 GVW Dump Truck; Westerly Public Library & Wilcox Park campaign; BOE Landscaping-Districtwide; Landfill Pickup truck, these items totaled $209,333.  Mr. Frishman informed the members that based on the study comparing salaries; the TOS Director of Administrative Services salary is low.  He would like to increase the salary line by $6000, members agreed.  Mr. Wheeler felt that a police cruiser could be cut; Captain Jerry Desmond was present to speak to the necessity of the new vehicles.  He added that the maintenance is very high.  All members with the exception of Mr. Bentz felt a .86 increase was acceptable to send to Public Hearing. 

Mr. Burns moved that the Board recommend to Public Hearing a budget totaling $53,816,041.  This would carry a 21.73 mil rate.  Mr. O’Brien seconded and voting was unanimous.
Emergency Radios

Mr. Wheeler has spoken with George Brennan, Emergency Management and Captain Desmond regarding the radio towers.  The Police Station is not an option but the Taugwonk Road tower is available.  He added that the entire Town will be on High band.  Mrs. Stevens added that there are funds available from the E911 funding.  Mr. Frishman asked that a letter be sent to Mr. Brennan to acquire pricing for the emergency radio hook up to the Tower.
Budget transfers

Request for a budget transfer in the amount of $19,850 from the Project Administrator line in the Planning Dept. to Town Wide Professional Services.  Mr. Burns made a motion to approve the following transfers: $15,000 for the Environmental Study at Pawcatuck Park for the bulkhead replacement project and $4850 for a Land survey of the PNC property for the Senior Center project.  Mr. Rines seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.
Subcommittee reports

Nothing to report.
There being no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Wheeler made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Rines seconded and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
                                                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Andrew W. Rines