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02-01-06 Minutes
                                                February 1, 2006

        The Board of Finance held a regular meeting on this date at 7:30 p.m. at the Police Department meeting room.  Members present were Glenn Frishman, Chairman; Andrew Rines, Secretary; Dudley Wheeler; Kevin Burns; Bryan Bentz and John O'Brien.  Also present Maryanna Stevens, Director of Finance.

Mr. Frishman called the meeting to order at 7: 30 p.m.

Election of Officers
Mr. Rines nominated Glenn Frishman to continue as Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Burns seconded.  No other nominations were received.  The Board unanimously elected Mr. Frishman Chairman of the Board of Finance.

Mr. O’Brien nominated Andrew Rines as Secretary of the Board.  Mr. Bentz seconded.  No other nominations were received.  The Board unanimously elected Mr. Rines Secretary of the Board of Finance.

Budget Hearings
William Stewart, Highway Superintendent was present to discuss the Highway 2006-2007 budget requests.  Mr. Stewart stated that he is aware of the issues facing the Town regarding funding and has prepared his budget accordingly.  Discussions followed regarding the current number of employees as well as in increased development in the Town which in turn has increased the miles of road.  Mr. Wheeler questioned the increase in Bituminous concrete and Chip sealing.  Mr. Stewart replied that the upper section of Pawcatuck seriously needs an overlay and the cost of asphalt has risen greatly to $44 ton.  He added that the chip sealing, which is a temporary fix, is for the back roads.  They also discussed the added line item for Catch Basins.  Mr. Stewart explained this was under Town aid but there is now a State DEP mandate as part of the Clean Water act, he added this also increases the need for manpower. Mr. Burns asked about the Welder purchased a few years back and about CIP vehicle requests.

Chief David Erskine and Captain Jerry Desmond were present along with Police Commission members, Jim O’Boyle and Ed McCabe. Chief Erskine provided for the members a statistical report showing incident activity to date.  Chief Erskine informed the members that the Police contract has not yet been signed.  He added that Gas prices have influenced the increases, also discussed, Regular Overtime, Dog Warden Telecommunications and Special Officers.  Captain Desmond wished to inform the members that the Pound, originally built in 1975 appears to be experiencing sewer issues.

George Sylvestre was present at the Boards request to discuss the part time Sanitarian position.  He stated to the members that the Town had always intended for there to be a 14 hour a week position to back up the Sanitarian.  He added that the Sate has requested additional inspections by Town Sanitarian.  Also the Town statutory obligations have grown and there is a need to maintain requirements dictated by codes to alleviate the jeopardy of liability.
Mr. Burns and Mr. O’Brien stated that they felt that joining the local Health District may be best.   Mr. Frishman suggested verification of fees and asked that Ledge Light Health District be contacted for further information.

Mr. Sylvestre was also present to discuss his November 22, 2005 memo regarding increasing the Capital Improvements threshold.  Mr. Sylvestre explained that in 1988 it was set at $5000 and the CIP committee recommends an increase.  Mr. Frishman made a motion to increase the CIP threshold for major projects undertaken by the Town or the lease/purchase of major equipment and vehicles to $10,000.  Mr. Burns seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.

Budget Transfers
Request from David Erskine, Chief of Police to transfer $18,826.00 to hire an additional officer.  Mr. Burns made a motion to approve the transfer of $18,826.00 from the Domestic Violence line item account to the Regular Officer line item.  Mr. Wheeler seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.  

Mrs. Stevens presented to the Board transfers within the Capital Improvements Fund.  These transfers are funds left over in their lines to be moved over to the Town Hall addition.  Several members voiced concern over the funding for this project.  Mr. David Christina a Town resident and neighbor Town Hall was present to inform the Board of his and many other residents displeasure of how this project is proceeding.  Mr. Frishman thanked him for his comments. After further discussion the members unanimously agreed it best to invite William Brown, George Sylvestre and Joe Bragaw to address their questions and concerns.  As a result the CIP transfers, Items 1 & 2 were tabled.  

Director of Finance
There was nothing to report.

Previous Minutes
Mr. Wheeler made a motion to approve the minutes of the December meeting as presented.  Mr. Rines seconded the motion and voting was unanimous.  

Memorandum from Marsha Standish, Assessor regarding 2004 Supplemental Motor Vehicle totals.

Letter from Mystic River Ambulance’ request for funding for FY2006-2007.  Mr. Frishman asked the Mr. Wheeler address the Ambulance service budget requests.

Memo from Frank Connolly, SPS Business Manager regarding BOE transfers over $1000.

Letter from Ed Hart, resident regarding WPCA Facilities Plan and economic “well-being” of the Authority.

Memo from Chief David Erskine regarding Voice Recording System.

New Business
Members unanimously agreed to the attached Budget Hearing schedule.

Subcommittee Reports
Mr. Rines reported that the CIP committee met last week.

Mr. O’Brien reported that all contracts are being wrapped up in regard to the High School.

There being no further business to come before the Board, Mr. Burns made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Wheeler seconded the motion and the meeting was unanimously adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Andrew W. Rines