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03-03-08 Minutes
March 3, 2008

The Board of Assessment Appeals met on Monday, March 3, 2008.  Members present were Stephen Palmer, Michele Contino and David Harma.  The meeting was called to order at 6:55 p.m.

The following appeals were heard by David Harma.

EAGLE LEASING -  Personal Property
Mr. Maxwell Scott represented Eagle Leasing.  Mr. Scott submitted a detailed listing of the locations of equipment in Stonington and showed the disposition of equipment no longer located in Stonington.  There is nothing at the High School anymore.  Mr. Scott requested a copy of the field card be sent with the decision of the appeal.

AYERS, HERYUN – 29 Chippechaug Trail
Ms. Ayers feels the land value is too high.  She compared the land ratio of several properties on Masons Island.  The back part of the land is not buildable. The house value is fine.

3 Catbriar Lane
The land value is too high.  They bought the property a year ago.  The assessment is higher than they paid for the property.  It was an arms-length transaction.

DEVINE MICHAEL & CHANTAL – And Mommy Too Personal Property
They never started the business.  The plan was to make gift baskets to sell at Lawrence Memorial in the gift shop.  She never sold anything or made any gift baskets yet.  She hopes to in the future.

BOLTON THOMAS & PATRICIA – 224 South Broad St.
The shed on the property was purchased for $400 38 years ago and is up on blocks.  It is an 8’ x 8’ wood shed.  The above ground pool was purchased in 1973 for $4,500.  They have made no improvements to the house.

Swan Street – They realize that the property is a building lot but feel it may be a little high.

Mr. DiMenna feels an 80% increase since 2002 is too high in this economy.  He feels Vision Appraisal did not use comparable sales for his property.  He is located next to the boat yard and he has low water.  The shed on his property was removed two years ago.  He compared his lot size to the lot next door which is bigger but not assessed much more than his property.

DOLCE FRANK – 37 West Arch Street
Mr. Dolce feels the house assessment is too high.  He admits the property looks nice but the house has a poor layout.  Both the bath and the bedroom are off the kitchen.  He would welcome an inspection by the Board.

EPPLER, LAWRENCE & MARCIA – 35 Riverside Drive
Mr. Eppler feels  Vision’s methodology is wrong for valuing property.  There is a 40% difference between his appraisal and Vision’s value.  The Neighborhood and C factors changed from 2002.  He feels the 2002 factors were more accurate.

GIRAMONTI GARY – 10 Skipper St.
Mr. Giramonti compared his property with 103 Noyes Avenue.  They have 125 feet of waterfront and deep water.  He does not have deep water and less waterfront.

FEDERER, MARION – 47 East Shore Rd.
Ms. Federer was represented by her grandson, David Cidler.  There have been no changes in the house in years.  The bedrooms are 6’x8’.  There is no insulation in the house.  The septic system is small and does not handle many people at once.  This is a strictly seasonal home.  There is no well or cistern.  There is a seawall across the back half of the property.  The map is deceiving where the property line is actually.

FINGERUT, JERALD & JOYCE – 537 Taugwonk Road
The house has no hardwood floors.  It has about 30% - 40% of carpeting over sub floor and the rest is carpeting over a sub floor.  The house does not have a Jacuzzi.

DONOHUE, PATRICK – 13 Stanton St.
Mr. Donohue feels the value on his property is too high.  He compared his house to the sale of 14 Morgan Street.  He feels Morgan Street is a nicer area.  His is a poor area of Town.  He also compared his property to 56 Liberty Street which is a nicer area of Town.  He feels his house is worth about $144,000.

Mike Contino heard the following appeals:

Mr. Knowles is disputing the high assessment of his land value at 2 Front St (.11 acres) when compared to adjacent properties at 7 Front St (.30 acres) and 8 Front St (.21 acres). He states that 2 Front St is on the corner of Front St and High St and experiences significant commercial traffic. The view from property is of parking lot and fishing dock with minimal view of harbor. He wanted to know how the land values are derived. He doesn’t think his property should be valued more than adjacent properties that have more acreage. He suggested land assessment of 2 Front St should be based on average land assessment of 6, 7 and 8 Front St normalized to 0.11 acres or $211,154.

Mr. Subotic feels the value on the property is too high. He says the highway noise decreases the value. He stated that the noise comes from traffic on I-95 that carries through the valley and over the water amplifying the sound.  He is looking for reduction in assessed value to approximately $650,000.

Mr. Barrett is appealing the value of his vacant property. He feels the property’s assessed value is too high. He said the property card classifies the property as waterfront but he says the property is on an estuary with a rock ledge and no real water access. He presented documentation of value of adjacent properties that are valued at less and a property survey showing that only a small piece of property is on the water. He estimates that the assessed value should be $150,000.

Mr. Motherway would like to see reduction of assessment. He estimates that the appraised value should be $370,000. He concentrated on two areas: the site factor assigned to property (C) and the adjustment factor for the neighborhood.  He presented comparisons of Wilcox Rd properties. His property is closer to the train tacks, site of CL&P tower and only property on street in V-10 Flood Zone. He presented pictures, survey maps, and comparisons of other properties on Wilcox Rd. He feels the adjustment factor should be less than 1.5 as opposed to 1.85 and the site factor should be .95 rather than 1.25.

Mr. Dipollino is looking for a reduction on his property value. He states that comparable properties sold much less than Vision’s appraised value. He said 15 Dawley Dr sold for $525,000 mid November 2007 and 96 Rowley Dr sold for $659,000 in March 2007. He used these properties to compare fair market value. He feels his property is valued too high and would like to see appraised value reduced to $550,000.

Mr. Smith is looking to reduce the appraised land value to $799,000 to reduce the total appraised value of land and house to $1,434,000. He submitted summary and supporting documentation of how he reached conclusion of value of land. He is questioning the value of the land only. He questioned why Wilbur Rd land was valued more than Cove Rd land.

Vacant land: Mr. Smith is looking to reduce the appraised value of the land to $200,700. He presented documentation showing limitation of use in agreement in deed. He states that he bought this property with 47 Wilbur Rd as one piece of property not two and that 47 Wilbur Rd is not a separate building lot and not sub dividable.

The following appeals were heard by Stephen Palmer:

SCOTT, JENNIFER– 5 Bayberry Court
Ms. Scott feels her assessment is $230,000 too high especially in comparison to other properties along Pequotsepos Cove. She said there is only about 100 feet of usable frontage on the cove. Ms. Scott submitted an appraisal for the Board’s review.

PETTY, LORRAINE – 15 Greenmanville Ave.
Ms. Petty purchased this commercial building to convert into a residence. She has updated the plumbing, heating and electric in the building.  It needs a new roof and windows.  There is also an easement on the right side of her property.

BRITO, DERICK – Personal Property
Mr. Brito registered his business with the Town and it is in the development stages.  He has not done any business yet.  Mr. Brito submitted receipts for items purchased for his business. He also submitted a completed declaration of personal property form and a letter.

ABELE, DOROTEA – 3 Front Street
Ms. Abele feels her assessment is too high. She had the house on the market for $540,000 for six months and received one offer for $415,000. Her property is in a planned waterfront zone not a residential zone. She submitted 2 appraisals at the hearing.

CLAY, SUSAN – 25 Masons Island Road
John Garbarino represented Susan Clay.  Mr. Garbarino believes his assessment is too high for the workshop. It is being assessed as living area at $121.42 per square foot. He submitted photos of his workshop.

CROOKS, ANTHONY – 2 North Shore Way
Mr. Crooks believes his assessment is too high. There is no year round water on Latimer Point.  There are zoning restrictions and half of his property is wetlands and unbuildable.  There were no comps last year over $560,000 for properties at Latimer Point. He submitted 3 comps at his hearing.

DELLACONO, LAUREL– 214 Farmholme Road
Frank Dellacono represented Laurel Dellacono.  Mr. Dellacono feels the land is over valued for his area. His property value is comparable to properties in higher value areas such as Masons Island. He also stated the attic is unfinished. Vision came and inspected the area and said it would be corrected. Mr. Dellacono believes the value on the shed is too high.  He paid $1,100 for it.

DOBENSKY, EILEEN & DENE – 8 Stonington Commons #15
Mrs. Dobensky feels the value on their condo is too high.  She thinks it was valued with a water view.  There is no view of the water because it is on the second floor. The only view they have is of the residential properties across the street. The assessment on the condo next door went down.  She submitted a summary of the neighboring units.

SHEPHERD, JAMES & KATHERINE  - 590 North Main Street
Mike Grasso represented James & Katherine Shepherd. He said they believe the land is over valued. There are wetlands in the rear of the property.

FALLON, RICHARD – 267 River Road
Mr. Fallon believes their property is valued too high. It has tripled since the last assessment. The per acre assessment is higher than other surrounding properties.  There is no waterfront or view. The grade on the house should be checked because it is in need of repair.

FOBERG, JAMES – 265 Osbrook Point
Mr. Foberg feels his assessment is too high. The property is not on the water. They have no desire to sell their home but the taxes are getting too high.

MCTURK, MARJORIE – 248 Osbrook Point
Brenda Foberg represented her mother, Marjorie McTurk. There was a large increase in the assessment of the property since the last revaluation. The residence needs quite a bit of work.

Karen Bergeron, John Cory, Roy Gumpel, Barbara Delicato, Frank Cory Jr., Cynthia DiCesare and Edward Besky did not appear for their appointments.

The Board voted unanimously to accept the February 15, 2008 minutes.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Palmer